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KODIAKOOLER® - Fully Assembled CUPCAKE Reflective Shipper Kits - 15 x 13 x 7
(2 per case)




Lightweight Shipping Solution for Shipping Gourmet Cupcakes
    Kit Description:
  • Pre-Assembled Outer Carton, Inner Box, Plastic Cupcake Tray, and Reflective Carton Liner.
  • Outer Shipping Carton Printed "Rush / Temperature-Sensitive / This Side Up" instructions.
  • Components are Lightweight to Minimize Shipping Expense.
  • Proven Solution for Cost-Effective, Reliable Shipping of Frozen Product.
  • Approved For Use With Frozen Ice Packs (purchase separately, see below)…Vary Amount Based on Shipping Environment

Cost for each complete shipper is only $10.50!

Ice Packs for this shipper start at $8 per case. Click HERE

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The term biodegradable has been or in the future may be defined technically by federal and/or state governments. The natural fiber insulation material in Kodiakooler® Sustainable Insulated Packaging is completely aerobic and anaerobically biodegradable in less than 12 months when in the presence of active microorganisms. Test results for aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation indicate continuous degradation of the Kodiakooler® Sustainable Packaging outer film occurs in greater than one year, dependent upon disposal environment conditions and while continually in the presence of active microorganisms. Due to the variables within the environment at the final disposal site and lack of a consistent definition from government entities, Kodiakooler® Sustainable Insulated Packaging provides only general guidelines regarding biodegradability.